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Ligne 20: Ligne 20:
 === Smart Building in Web of Things === === Smart Building in Web of Things ===
 +Smart Building is smart at design time (BIM) and during its exploitation ​
 Smart Building : From Home Automation and GTC to Service oriented approach ​ Smart Building : From Home Automation and GTC to Service oriented approach ​
Ligne 25: Ligne 28:
 History of the Smart Buiding Automation :  History of the Smart Buiding Automation : 
    * Lockable Door (what Vocanson Duck is for Robotics)    * Lockable Door (what Vocanson Duck is for Robotics)
-   * When Smart Buiding meet  +   * When Smart Buiding meet CyberPhysic and Control Theory 
-   * CyberPhysic and Control Theory+   ​* ​When Smart Buiding meet Digitalisation 
 +   * When Smart Building meet Computer  
 +   * When Smart Building meet Network  
 +   * When Smart Building meet IoT and become a Cyber Physical System  
 +Cyber Physical System : Large scale CyberPhysic ​ 
 +If we know how to control System in a bounded ​and modeled environment,​ new open conditions for availability of data bfeak the limit of knowledge and thus the limit of the model of what we know about a building.  
 +This concept is well-known as the context around a entity of interest and the context model is only limited by what we can observe (data we can obtain wbout the context).  
 +Technologicaly,​ the current technology that allows to get most of the data is the Web. Following the main actors of World Wild Information Systems, the convergence waited for a ong time in the field of Home Automation,​Building Management, etc. is now the main uncouternable trend.  
 +Thus Smart Intelligent Building are more and more : 
 +  * using Web services in open data initiatives 
 +  * providing Web services to get and control equipments  
 +  * required a well adapted network infrastructure using market technologies from Specific standard networks to Internet, Web.  
 +  * Designing service oriented software application for smart building ​   
 +  * using Web technology for Man Machine Interaction and at the same time adding new interaction capabilities breaking the classical Front-end / Back-end dichomtomy in Man Machine interaction 
 +  * Totaly Web Smart Building  
 +Innovative Smart Building Engineers Comptences in Future  
 +  * Expertises in Health, confort, energy,  
 +  * Law and reglementation  
 +  * Usage Analysis  
 +== Outline == 
 +  - Smart Building  
 +  - Application Domains, Market Trends and Societal Trends (evolution, needs, reglementation ...) 
 +  - Connected Smart Building :  
 +     - Web Services and Information Systems  
 +        - initiatives (ex. OpenData) and other repositories  
 +        - ex. Weather and HVAC consequences  
 +     - Web Services and General Public Product and Equipment (ex. Smart TV, Smart Phone, ..) 
 +  - Web service provider in Smart Building  
 +     - Smart Building Web based and interroperable solutions in the market  
 +        - Web access to DataCenters(WIT,​ HDSN, NCA ...)  
 +        - Direct Web access to Equipments  
 +     - Smart Building Web based and Freeware interoperable tools (OpenHab)  
 +  - Service for User design in Smart Building for new usage  
 +     - Man Machine Interaction Analysis (ex. Dashboard Node-Red, New Widget, New Equipments, Ergonomy Analysis ...)   
 +     - Services composition for Smart Building Programming (ex. Web Services / MQTT / Node Red)  
 +  - What can we expect in the future and current researches  
 +     - IA for more ...  
 +     - My Building as THE domestic robot (ex. l'​Odysseus) 
 +== Collection "All Together"​ ==  
 +   * Cluster Smart Building  
 +   * Industry : make your chapter and sell your kit 
 +   * Sponsors : because our work is on your roadmap, on your interests ... (your are waiting for ... ) : ex. financement participatif + abonnement anticipé ​
    ​* ​    ​* ​
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