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Activités en Innovation Pédagogique

Projet ART : Assisted Remote Training

  • Collaboration Alcatel Lucent dans l'utilisation de la plateforme Rainbow pour le projet ART
  • Présentation de ART lors des OpenDays Alcatel Lucent 2018
    • Transparents
    • Vidéo

Principes et Bonnes Pratiques Innovante en pédagogie pour les TIC

Stage Lorenzo Belleteste

MOOC projects

Smart Building in Web of Things

Smart Building is smart at design time (BIM) and during its exploitation

Smart Building : From Home Automation and GTC to Service oriented approach

History of the Smart Buiding Automation :

  • Lockable Door (what Vocanson Duck is for Robotics)
  • When Smart Buiding meet CyberPhysic and Control Theory
  • When Smart Buiding meet Digitalisation
  • When Smart Building meet Computer
  • When Smart Building meet Network
  • When Smart Building meet IoT and become a Cyber Physical System

Cyber Physical System : Large scale CyberPhysic

If we know how to control System in a bounded and modeled environment, new open conditions for availability of data bfeak the limit of knowledge and thus the limit of the model of what we know about a building. This concept is well-known as the context around a entity of interest and the context model is only limited by what we can observe (data we can obtain wbout the context).

Technologicaly, the current technology that allows to get most of the data is the Web. Following the main actors of World Wild Information Systems, the convergence waited for a ong time in the field of Home Automation,Building Management, etc. is now the main uncouternable trend.

Thus Smart Intelligent Building are more and more :

  • using Web services in open data initiatives
  • providing Web services to get and control equipments
  • required a well adapted network infrastructure using market technologies from Specific standard networks to Internet, Web.
  • Designing service oriented software application for smart building
  • using Web technology for Man Machine Interaction and at the same time adding new interaction capabilities breaking the classical Front-end / Back-end dichomtomy in Man Machine interaction
  • Totaly Web Smart Building

Innovative Smart Building Engineers Comptences in Future

  • Expertises in Health, confort, energy,
  • Law and reglementation
  • Usage Analysis
  1. Smart Building
  2. Application Domains, Market Trends and Societal Trends (evolution, needs, reglementation …)
  3. Connected Smart Building :
    1. Web Services and Information Systems
      1. initiatives (ex. OpenData) and other repositories
      2. ex. Weather and HVAC consequences
    2. Web Services and General Public Product and Equipment (ex. Smart TV, Smart Phone, ..)
  4. Web service provider in Smart Building
    1. Smart Building Web based and interroperable solutions in the market
      1. Web access to DataCenters(WIT, HDSN, NCA …)
      2. Direct Web access to Equipments
    2. Smart Building Web based and Freeware interoperable tools (OpenHab)
  5. Service for User design in Smart Building for new usage
    1. Man Machine Interaction Analysis (ex. Dashboard Node-Red, New Widget, New Equipments, Ergonomy Analysis …)
    2. Services composition for Smart Building Programming (ex. Web Services / MQTT / Node Red)
  6. What can we expect in the future and current researches
    1. IA for more …
    2. My Building as THE domestic robot (ex. l'Odysseus)
Collection "All Together"
  • Cluster Smart Building
  • Industry : make your chapter and sell your kit
  • Sponsors : because our work is on your roadmap, on your interests … (your are waiting for … ) : ex. financement participatif + abonnement anticipé
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