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SMART Building and ICT

Two chapters :

First Part and Lecture 1 : Introduction Smart Building and Home Automation

Software Architectures for Home automation and building management systems From classical architectures to a totally web services based architectures …

Immotique Introduction

Second Part : Smart Building Management : Dashboard and Software Application

Project driven Learning


<note warning> Every group must send a preliminary description of the subject of its project before wenesday the 10th of April.

Then will be able to discuss your proposals during the wenesday course.

The preliminary description of the subject will be :

  • A global topic (ex. security, energy consumption, pollution, etc.)
  • A short explanation of the application you want to developp
  • A list of the web service you're using to get informations from the building, but also from other information providers.

Send this description in an email to tigli@unice.fr.

The subject of the email must be :

[BAT4 IMMO PROJECT 2019] GROUP <group number> - <First student Name> - <Second student Name>


Lecture 2 & 3 : C#, Excel and Web Services

Lecturer: H. Collaviza

Lecture 2 : EXCEL as main application and C# for interroperability with other softwares

Lab :

  • Interface with Excel: display a graphical chart like a curve of weather values stored in an excel file.
Resources needed for this lab
  • Library required to connect a C# program and an excel file ExcelLibrary.dll
  • Example of an excel file that contains weather information excel file
  • Example of a C# program that displays the chart of this excel file C# solution

What's to do

Lecture 3 : Web services and C# to access to these services (data collection in EXCEL)

Lab :

  • Web service for Weather analysis and prediction
  • Others Web Services with to get relevant informations on a smart building

SEE http://www.geonames.org/export/ws-overview.html

SEE Previous Course on Web Services, and especially : “Accessing RESTful Web Services”

What's to do : USE the C# solution to access openweather Web Service and to store automatically the data in your excel file.

Lectures 4,5 : Smart Building Project

Main purpose of this project is to apply the different aquired comptences from the three courses of this BAT4 year:

  • Software Programming with C#, graphical user interface design with C# and Excel interroperability with C#
  • Web services interroperability with C# to access to world wide information systems
  • Web Service interroperability with C# to access to actuators and sensors on the field

The overall architecture consists in :

  • A winforms or webforms application
  • that invoke some web services to get and/or to send information from information systems, sensors, actuators
  • that opens a excel sheet to write and read in cells
Work Groups
Group Number email Student 1 email Student 2 email Student 3 Project Topic
Group 1 lucille.bouchet dorine.chiavaro adele.grandidier smart garden
Group 2 thomas.kurenov alban.marrou smart heater agenda
Group 3 justine.carbonnel arnaud.bahon air quality care
Group 4 antoine.bilger dawid.tusien
Group 5 eric.nguyen maha.ezzaouia concrete o'clock
Group 6 yassine.sayerh mohamed.seifeddine
Group 7 julien.macke florian.caillat
Group 8 gabriel.chavalarias elena.cojocaru smart energy manager
More details in French
Steps in the Project
  • STEP 1 : General description of the topic of the Project LAb
  • STEP 2 : Description of the differents Project entities :
    • List of the web services API you're using and all required technical information for C# access
    • A mockup of the graphical interface with all the required widgets
    • A description of the differents sheets, data, formula and charts in Excel
  • STEP 3 : Development of Excel WorkBook with some simulated input data
  • STEP 4 : Connection with Web Services to fill input cells
  • STEP 5 : Development of the graphical user interface and interaction with excel to read/write in specific cells, to display some charts.

This project plan will be reuseable in other smart building projects (in real use cases studied in BAT4 and BAT5)

Lecture 7 : Web Services to access to sensors and actuators with C# (data collection in EXCEL)

Lecturer: J.Y. Tigli

  • Web service to access to HDSN sensors
  • Connexion to these sensors with C#
Example HDSN
  • HDSN sensors network and data collection in Ubiquarium (Sophia Antipolis France), D27 (Nice France), DUT (Da Nang Vietnam)
  • HDSN Web Interface and Web Services


HDSN Web API Documentation

Examples :

  • POST api/Capteurs/Info, renvoi la liste complete des capteurs d'un Module
  • POST api/Capteurs/Data/Today, renvoi toutes les données mesurées aujourd'hui (Une donnée par Fréquence de relevé)
  • POST api/Capteurs/Data/Yesterday, renvoi toutes les données mesurées hier (Une donnée par Fréquence de relevé)

What's To do :

  • Test of HDSN sensors and the functionalities of the HDSN Web interface

To do that load http://eu.e-sylife.com/ web page and connect with the login tigli@unice.fr and the pass: olmbnrdl. This web page show you now all the measures you can get on ther room 0+101 in Polytech. Some Questions :

What is the lsit of the sensors in the room O+101 ? What is the frequency of the measurement ?

Can we accelerate the frequency of the measures ?

What alarm can I trigger and how ?

How I can use the measures in my Excel sheets of my project ?

  • Use of the Web Service of HDSN

The access to the measures can be done automatically through the web services.

Here you can find a zip file of a simple C# GUI programm to access to these Web services. example of GUI in C# to access to HDSN WS.zip

Because the access keys are changing periodically, here is the list of the most recent ones : Access keys for HDSN sensors 220518

Lecture 8 : Smart Building Automation Project

Lecturer: WIT engineer

Lecture 9 :

Lecturer: J.Y. Tigli

Audition of each student his project.

PAST Courses


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