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Middleware for Internet of Things

« More than the sum of its devices, the Internet of Things links technologies together to create new services and opportunities. »

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to MIT
    • What IoT, CPS, IAm, .. are ? How specific they are ?
    • Middleware challenges for IoT
      • Communication Patterns : RPC (WS-REST, WS-SOAP, WS-COAP), Events (MQTT), Streaming (WebSockets), …
      • Lightweightness of protocol stack : HTTP based (REST-WS, WS-WSOAP, Websocket), TCP/IP based (MQTT, WS-COAP)
  • Data Collect and MQTT
  • IoT Applications classes
    • From Sensory Data Processing to End-User Visualization of high level informations
    • From Sensory Data Processing to User Driven Decision and Actuation
    • From Sensory Data Processing to Automatic Actuation
  • Conflicting Action


IoT Platforms and Middleware

Bluemix - IBM

Fast Prototyping of the Internet of Things solutions with IBM Bluemix, Popov Aleksey, Proletarsky Andrey, Belov Sergey, Sorokin Alexander, Internet of Things Cloud Bluemix Hackathon University Issue Date: 04 Jan 2017 (paper)

Figure : Typical Internet solution for IoT according to this paper

This paper … consider a number of technological and practical aspects of this collaborative framework using IBM Bluemix cloud platform and IoT templates. It tested this approach in IoT hackathon with a participation of a vendor, local business partners, and industry representatives. Projects developed during this hackathon will be used to illustrate results achieved by applying introduced concept for IoT solutions prototyping.

AWS IoT - Amazon
Azure IoT Suite

ChorEvolution web pages

Integration of Heterogeneous Services and Things into Choreographies, Georgios Bouloukakis, Nikolaos Georgantas, Siddhartha Dutta, Valérie Issarny. 14th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), Oct 2016, Banff, Alberta, Canada. 2016. (paper)

Internet-of-Things (IoT) protocols are constantly increasing in the research and industrial landscape. However, the current standardization efforts limit the incorporation of Things as first-class entities into choreographies. To tackle this interoperability barrier, we propose and demonstrate the eVolution Service Bus (VSB), a middleware solution targeted to enable the interaction between Things-based and business oriented services.

A collaborative writing of a Survey Paper

References about How to write a survey paper ?

Some thoughts about writing a survey paper, Lotzi Bölöni, Feb 2008, Dept of Computer Science of University of Central Florida

Research Tools: Scientifc Writing Tools for Writing Literature Review and a Paper, Nader Ale Ebrahim, University of Malaya, From the Selected Works of Nader Ale Ebrahim, February 12, 2016

Abstract “Research Tools” can be defined as vehicles that broadly facilitate research and related activities. Scientific tools enable researchers to collect, organize, analyze, visualize and publicized research  outputs. Dr. Nader has collected over 700 tools that enable students to follow the correct path in research and to ultimately produce high-quality research outputs with more accuracy and efficiency. It is assembled as an interactive Web-based mind map, titled “Research Tools”, which is updated periodically.  “Research Tools” consists of a hierarchical set of nodes. It has four main nodes: (1) Searching the literature, (2) Writing a paper, (3) Targeting suitable journals, and (4) Enhancing visibility and impact of the research. Several free tools can be found in the child nodes. In this workshop some tools as an example from the part 2 (Writing a paper) will be described. The e-skills learned from the workshop are useful across various research disciplines and research institutions.

Methodology and Steps in this course
Paper Format
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