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Course 1


What does Traditional Middleware Mean ?


  • make development faster and easier
  • to assist distributed software
  • promoting software reuse
  • A bridge between OS and application [Krakoviak]
  • High level network abstractions matching the application computational model [Issarny]

First Definitions

Middleware Taxonomies

  • W. Emmerich Taxonomy (2000)
  • D.E. Baken (2001)
  • R. E. Schantz and D. C. Schmidt Taxonomy (2002)
Transactional Middleware
Tuplespace-based Middleware
Message-oriented Middleware
Remote procedure Calls Middleware
Object oriented Middleware
Component oriented Middleware
Service-oriented Middleware



A Perspective on the Future of Middleware-based Software Engineering. V. Issarny, M. Caporuscio, N. Georgantas. In Future of Software Engineering 2007 (FOSE) at ICSE (International Conference on Software Engineering). L. Briand and A. Wolf editors, IEEE-CS Press. 2007. link

E-book: Middleware Architecture with Patterns and Frameworks, Prof. Sacha Krakowiak

What does Ubiquitous Computing Mean ?



The following scenes together are a complete movie about ubiquitous computing at Xerox PARC


GATECH Course about Ubiquitous computing course

What does Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing Mean ?

New motivations

  • High level device and ressource abstractions matching the application computational model
  • device and ressource abstraction is often transparency in multiple access
  • Distribution with or without nertwork …

Example in distributed systems

Example in OS and Virtual Machine

Example in HMI

  • application computational model : widgets
  • low level device drivers : mouse and screen
  • Middleware :

Example in Robotics

From Mobility to Ubiquity

New Requirements


Projets de recherche :

OpenCOM and ReMMoC Web Page, Paul Grace and Gordon S. Blair - link

ARLES Project-Team, V. Issarny, link

Project AMAZONES, Citi Lab, INSA Lyon, Frenot Stéphane, Le Mouel Frédéric link

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