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Final Examination

Students must :

  • compose groups of 3 to 4 students
  • choose 5 papers in the list below and send to JY Tigli by email (To : tigli@polytech.unice.fr, Subject : [MUC Paper and Group] ) the list of the students in the group and the 5 chosen papers, before the 22th of january, in the evening. (UbiNet Students must choose a Research paper).

The 22 th of january, the list below will be completed with one group for each paper.

Then, each group of students must :

  • provide a summary note on the read paper (no more than 2 pages in english, ACM Format, Templates of such format can be found at http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates).
  • give a talk in english on its paper during 15 minutes (+5 minutes for questions) on february the 2nd in the morning between 8h30 and 12h45.
  • put the summary note and the slides of the talk on a web site and send the url to JY Tigli (To : tigli@polytech.unice.fr, Subject : [MUC Paper and Group and URL]) before february, the 2nd, 2010.

Deadline : february, the 2nd, 2010

Groups and Papers

Research Papers
Paper Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 URL of the group
Antonia Bertolino, Wolfgang Emmerich, Paola Inverardi, Valerie Issarny. Softure: Adaptable, Reliable and Performing Software for the Future. In Proceedings of the 1st International EASST-EU Workshop on Future Research Challenges for Software and Services (FRCCS'06). Associated to ETAPS'06. April 2006, Vienna, Austria. paper Rayan ArnaoutJeremy BenabuSteve ColombiéKarim Matrah
A Perspective on the Future of Middleware-based Software Engineering. V. Issarny, M. Caporuscio, N. Georgantas. In Future of Software Engineering 2007 (FOSE) at ICSE (International Conference on Software Engineering). L. Briand and A. Wolf editors, IEEE-CS Press. 2007 paper Samy RAADOscar CARRILLOSaad BOUCHEHBOUNRaoudha BAKLOUTI
R. Meier and V. Cahill. Taxonomy of Distributed Event-Based Programming Systems. The Computer Journal, 48(5):602–626, June 2005.paper
A Taxonomy of QoS-Aware, Adaptive Event-Dissemination Middleware Mahambre, S.P.; Kumar, M.; Bellur, U. Internet Computing, IEEE Volume 11, Issue 4, July-Aug. 2007 Page(s):35 - 44paperYanWen Chen Thao Nguyen Martin Ferrari Remigiusz Modrzejewski
Kristian Ellebæk Kjær, A survey of context-aware middleware, Proceedings of the 25th conference on IASTED International Multi-Conference: Software Engineering, p.148-155, February 13-15, 2007, Innsbruck, Austria paperTuan Tran Thai
G. Chen, M. Li, and D. Kotz. Data-centric middleware for context-aware pervasive computing. Pervasive Mob. Comput., 4(2):216{253, 2008 paper
Models, Reflective Mechanisms and Family-based Systems to Support Dynamic Configuration, Nelly Bencomo, Gordon Blair and Paul Grace, Workshop on MOdel Driven Development for Middleware (MODDM), held with the 7th International Middleware Conference, Melbourne, Australia, November, 2006. paper
Hong, J., Suh, E., Kim, J., and Kim, S. 2009. Context-aware system for proactive personalized service based on context history. Expert Syst. Appl. 36, 4 (May. 2009), 7448-7457. paper
Tran, M.H.,Han, J and Colman, A. (2009) 'Social Context: Supporting Interaction Awareness in Ubiquitous Environments' In Proceedings of the 6th Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems (Mobiquitous’09), 10 pages, Toronto, Canada, July 2009. IEEEpaperDupin
Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Graeme Stevenson, Mark Sullivan, Simon Dobson, and Paddy Nixon. Sensor fusion-based middleware for smart homes. pages 53–60. International Journal of Assistive Robotics and Mechatronics (IJARM), 2007.paperEmilie ThibaultAlexandre TrovatoNicolas Theroude Laurie Trichet-Fougère
Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Graeme Stevenson, Mark Sullivan, Simon Dobson, and Paddy Nixon. Sensor fusion-based middleware for smart homes. pages 53–60. International Journal of Assistive Robotics and Mechatronics (IJARM), 2007.paper Giuseppe Reina Claudio Salmin Cyprien NicolasAmine Rouini
M. Strimpakou, I. Roussaki, C. Pils, M. Angermann, P. Robertson, and M. Anagnostou. Context modeling and management in ambient-aware pervasive environments. In InternationalWorkshop on Locationand Context-Awareness (LoCA 2005), Munich, Germany. Springer, 2005. paper
J. Floch et al. Using architecture models for runtime adaptability. Dans : IEEE software 23.2 (2006).paper
Flavia C. Delicato,Isanio L. Araujo Santos,Paulo F. Pires,Ana Liz S. Oliveira,Thais Batista, Luci Pìrmez.Using aspects and dynamic composition to provide context-aware adaptation for mobile applications.2009 paperChoungmo FofackBamba InzaMariem AbdelmoulaAli Makke
Technical Papers

Examination Session (february, the 2nd, 2010)

Groups list
1. ABDELMOULA Mariem Group 6
2. ARNAOUT Rayan Group 1
3. BALOUET Thomas Group 7
4. BAMBA Inza Group 6
5. BEN ABU Jeremy Group 1
6. BOUCHEHBOUN Raad Group 9
7. CARMOUCHE Samy Group 7
8. CARRILLO Oscar Group 9
9. CHEN YanWen Group 2
10. CHOUNGMO FOFACK Nicaise Eric Group 6
11. CHOURY Vincent Group 7
12. COLOMBIÉ Steve Groupe 1
13. DUPIN Stéphane Groupe 10
14. FERRARI Martín Hernán Groupe 2
15. JOUBERT Florent Groupe 8
16. LE CLERE Thomas Groupe 8
17. MAKKE Ali Hassan Groupe 6
18. MATRAH Karim Groupe 1
19. MODRZEJEWSKI Remigiusz Jan Groupe 2
20. NGUYEN Phuong Thao Groupe 2
21. NICOLAS Cyprien Groupe 5
22. RAAD Sami Groupe 9
23. REINA Giuseppe Groupe 5
24. ROUINI Amine Groupe 5
25. SALMIN Claudio Groupe 5
26. SOUSSI El Houari Groupe 8
27. THEROUDE Nicolas Groupe 4
28. THIBAULT Emilie Groupe 4
29. TREPIER Stéphane Groupe 7
30. TRICHET-FOUGERE Laurie Groupe 4
31. TROVATO Alexandre Groupe 4
32. TUAN Tran Thai Groupe 3
33. ZARATI Aymen Groupe 8
34. BAKLOUTI Raoudha Groupe 9
Schedule Paper Groupe
8h30 - 8h50 Group 1
8h50 - 9h10 Group 2
9h10 - 9h30 Group 3
9h30 - 9h50 Group 4
9h50 - 10h10 Group 5
10h10 - 10h30 Group 6
10h30 - 10h50 Group 7
10h50 - 11h10 Group 8
11h10 - 11h30 Group 9
11h30 - 11h50 Group 10
11h50 - 12h10
12h10 - 12h30
12h30 - 12h50
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