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Project DynAdapt

Project Soumission Document

Between :

  • SINTEF, Oslo, Norway
  • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, I3S lab, France

The call for proposals was Aurora. The programme board/Expert Committee for IS-AUR has awarded funding to 12 project(s)

The Project number is 255414 / O30

Meeting in Sophia Antipolis 29/04/16


  • SINTEF: Arnor Solberg, Jakob Hogenes, Nicolas Ferry
  • UNS : Stéphane Lavirotte, Gaëtan Rey, Gérald Rocher, Jean-Yves Tigli


9:30-10:00 Welcome and Coffee

Presentation of each group (general presentation + research topics)

  • NICE – 10:00-10:30

Software Adaptation to Dynamic Environment - Seamless Ubiquitous Services, I3S - UNS

  • SINTEF – 10:30-11:00

TODO ::: Slides of Arnor here

Introduction to H2020 projects (SINTEF) – 11:00-11:30 Potential initiative for 2017 – 11:30-12:00

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Presentation of last research results – 13:00-14:00

  • NICE – 13:00-13:30

Semantic Selection of Services

Reliability of services provided

  • SINTEF – 13:30-14:00

TODO ::: Slides of Jakob here

CloudML and Meta-adaptation of models@runtime

Continue discussion initiated during first meeting and plan for a paper – until end

After Meeting 290416

16:00 - 19:00 : Stéphane, Gaëtan, Jean-Yves

TODO : Get Notes of Stéphane TODO : Get Photos of Gaetan

Future actions :

  • Fill a sheet for each different call that we can address, with our strengths
    • Research Domain (ex. E-Health, Factory 4.0, Smart City)
    • Research Sub Domain
    • Scientific topics
    • Industrial contact in big companies
    • SME contacts
    • Publications

Initial document is available here: Survey of potential H2020 calls for 2017

Discussion on DynAdapt :

  • TODO JY : Architectural Model of Multiple Adaptation Loops (AL) on a Target System - interactions Patterns between AL
  • TODO : Get Whiteboard photo from Gaetan on how we understand in Nice the work of Nicolas with CloudML and MetaAdaptation
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